Who's The Most Addicted To Coffee In Victorious?! ☕️ NickRewind

Published on Sep 11, 2021
We all know that Tori, Cat, Jade, Beck, and the rest of the Hollywood Arts gang are lowkey addicted to coffee - but if we’re being honest, not all of them keep it as lowkey as they might think 👀 Which Victorious character do you think drank the MOST coffee throughout the series?

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  • ☕☕☕☕🍵☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕🍵

  • Trina/jade

  • Jade and beck

  • Technically Beck. Having coffee jitters lol.

  • Could you PLEASE Upload a video that involves any nicktoon, game show or anything from the 80s 90s and early 00s PLEASE No more love drama No more Savage Moments I Really want the 80s, 90s and early 00s back Please Please PLEASE!

  • 👌👌

  • Yeah Jade is the only one that is the most addicted to coffee with 2 sugars in it. Because she told Beck to get her some coffee with 2 sugars in it. Because that's why I always relate to Jade the most. Because Me and Jade are the most addicted to coffee.

  • But they actually Drink no Coffee its just the cup

  • I tahini it is beck

  • where’s robbie 😭✋

  • Jade and beck definitely

  • i think it is jade

  • Jaaadddeee

  • I can definitely relate to Jade because I'm ALWAYS drinking coffee, hot coffee and iced coffee

  • Is there a victorious character who doesn’t drink coffee at all? If so, I’m like them

  • That would be me if I was in this show, I'm more addicted to coffee more than they are. But if I had to guess it is either Trina or Jade, they are always drinking coffee

  • We all know that jade drinks the most coffee

  • I totaly relate to Can I don't drink coffe 1 cup per year

  • I’d say cat because she always has a lot of energy!

  • wonder why jade is in a foul mood, must be the coffee doing it. i'm probably like cat and andre, i only drink once per day around 8 am in the morning.

  • I don't drink coffee at all

  • I would say Jade cause she can be seen drinking coffee almost every episode. ❤️

  • There really be no liquid in them drinks 😂

  • Why tori

  • It's beck

  • One word : Jade

  • I would drink a lot of coffee if my parents let me drink more but I rarely drink coffee sadly

  • The word coffee sounds weird now

  • Beck

  • Beac

  • I wonder why some people like black coffee by itself, no sugar or creamer? Doesn't it taste unpleasant and gross?

  • Naturally it’d be Beck and Jade.

  • Trina, and Jade

  • im like robbie doesnt drink coffee

  • There’s nothing wrong with coffee I drink it everyday

  • It’s not actual coffee

  • i think they’re ALL addicted to coffee

  • None of the em I don’t like coffee at all not the smell not the taste no anything about it not even the way it looks

  • Wait what’s about Robbie?

  • i am big fan cat

  • Beck

  • ☕😝 Who needs coffee for Victorious like that? Who cares about coffee!

  • I don't drink ☕ I drink 🍵

  • the most relatble one for me is cat and andre since i’m only allowed to drink iced coffee decaffinated

  • 0:12 Jade: (to Beck) Stop bouncing!

  • 0:02 André: (yells) Yeah! (the bird starts to explode)

  • Jade beck & deffo synjin was on something.. maybe not coffee🌚

  • Jade and Beck

  • Please, do a video called "Why are Jade West, Megan Parker, and Sam Puckett so mean?"

  • Why is Jade so grouchy and mean?

  • I'd like to work at a coffee shop

  • What about Robbie?

  • 0:02 Just like in the 1st Shrek movie

  • Jade

  • JADE!

  • I literally thought it was only Jade addicted to coffee but I guess not

  • I think that Tori should be the winner not Jade

  • Victorious characters being real life university students for 5 minutes straight 😴😪🤤

  • Jade & Beck

  • Jade

  • Who else love Victorious

  • only who drinks coffee is my Mum's mum and My German Nan (My dad's mum)

  • Coffee! I love victorious

  • Jaaaaade

  • Jade

  • I'm literally Beck

  • JADE is the most addicted to coffee

  • Jade

  • I relate to Beck because he drinks so much coffee and I get extremely thirsty but I don’t drink coffee

  • We know Robbie doesn't drink coffee cause he does not wanna pay $3.00 for a cup.

  • Cat wants Bibbo kettle corn

  • Is this even a question?!!! Jade ofc 🖐🏻✨😌

  • Jade and Beck are the real coffee drinkers

  • Victorious was my favorite ever

  • 24th lol

  • Man, victorious is the best thing on planet earth 🌍🌎.

  • Obviously Jade

  • i relate to cat, i dont take much

  • Not me lol I’m decaf

  • Jade and Beck. Beck because he literally drank like 7 coffees in the Christmas episode as well as some other episodes too and Jade because she was almost seen drinking coffee in most of the episodes.

  • The Christmas episode when Beck drinks 7 cups of coffee was very relatable for university students

  • I like the coffee there.

  • Jade and Beck were the real big coffee drinkers in this show

  • oh wow i’m kinda early 😆

  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jade because beck only wanted Coffee to stay awake but your always seeing Jade with coffee at some point in an episode

  • I can totally relate to them. I'm always a coffee drinker, And I'm so addicted to caffeine. But I'm mostly like Jade because she always drinks coffee.

  • Jade

  • You can always see jade drinking coffee

  • First pin?

  • Would you rather have coffee or tea?

  • Trick question. They're all equally addicted!

  • Jade and Beck Drinks Coffee The Most On The Show ☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕❤☕

  • Love this and I can’t believe I’m early

  • Jade all ways want some coffee

  • Loved it

  • omggg I am have been waiting for the victorious reboot for too long I wish there is a reboot

  • Jade all the way

  • Victorious is literally the best-

    • Yep

    • I feel like the bests of nick is ethier victorious or icarly

    • @Darryl Turner drake and Josh at number 1, Victorious at number 2, and Icarly at number 3.

    • For my list I’ll put Victorious at number 3 Drake and Josh at number 2 and iCarly at number 1 for me

  • I love Victorious so much