Steve From Blue's Clues Has a Message For You! 💙 | NickRewind

Published on Sep 8, 2021
If you can get through this video without tearing up... you're lying. In celebration of the Blue's Clues 25th Anniversary, our old pal Steve has dropped by with a message for all of the kids (now adults!) that grew up with him solving Blue's Clues and Skidoo-ing all over!

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  • 1 years ago before i'm born. I grow up with you. Thanks for all memories. We are still friend. Until now, i'll never forgeting you.

  • This, this made my day and puts a smile on my face. I never forgot you either Steve

  • Dude went to college for a decade. And now I’m in college.

  • I miss you I love you 😭😭😭

  • You committed Sucide Steve that’s where you went

  • There’s something very powerful about this video….so many people in this generation have grown up with so much pain, unresolved trauma and more. A man coming back to speak to all of us after all these years and thanking us for not forgetting him? Thats beautiful. I had some very happy childhood memories because of Steve, Blue & Magenta too. Thanks for never forgetting us ❤️💙💖❤️

  • Thank you for all the wonderful memories Steve.

  • I’ve changed you did every one kinda did even tho I’m still young I do miss you..

  • “you look great by the way” i’m wearing dino pjs what

  • When he said "I never forgot you" I felt 😢

  • I’m gonna cry

  • 2002 baby here. Wasn't there for the start, but I grew up with Blues Clues, and watching this makes me wanna cry. It's so heartwarming and wholesome

  • It made me think of so much stuff, I’m 18 now and he’s gotten so much older, and so much have happened. That it almost made me cry😭

  • I miss him.

  • Thanks Steve

  • My ten year old watched the original series on Netflix, each episode, about a million times when she was 1-2. I miss those days.

  • This makes grown men cry

  • 😎

  • i ain’t forgot you either 🥺🤚

  • Sad:(

  • I was 8 when I started watching Blues Clues it was my favorite! Me and my sister would wake up super early to watch it.. now Im 33. I had a great childhood. I can’t believe how time just flies. My kids love this show 🥲

  • This made my day! Come on now … admit it! You still sing _Mailtime_ every time you check your mailbox 📬 or when Amazon delivers a package 📦 We never forgot Steve … ever!

  • Bro. Almost had my tear falling

  • Show was a big part of my learning as a kid. Watched prob from 96 thru 99

  • He ain't rusty *hes better*

  • Dudes an absolute legend.

  • I was born in 2001, I watched blues clues all the time when I was a child. So this really hits home 🏡💕

  • Aw my heart this made me feel so old I was it’s been 10 years since I last watch blue clues💔♥️🙁

  • Tony stark: Guess what, Steve? We lost. And you weren't there.

  • Thank you steve....

  • Man that got me right in the feels. 😭

  • I swear ima cry

  • I remember seeing him perform in Blue's Clues Live back when I was six in 2001/2002 at the De Vos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids MI. I should've gotten a picture with him. :(

  • Thanks Steve.

  • I hope Steve realizes how important he is to our entire generation

  • The casual ‘Thank you’ in ASL too *sobs*

  • I'm not crying because he left, I'm crying because he raised me better then my parents ever could

  • I'm 22 now and this hit me hard. He was a big part of my childhood and this made my cry so hard. ❤

  • We ain’t friends…. We family

  • im not crying, you are.

  • Am I the only person who didn’t cry

  • The closer we all needed ?

  • That was nice

  • I didn't realize how much I needed Steve to say hi right now.

  • I still love you all I'm in my mid fifties and my son is all grown up but I still watch Blues Clues with my grandson thank you for making my grandson have a secondary schooling

  • After all these years we finally here back from Steve

  • We just got a video, we just got a video! We just got a video, wonder how it'll make us cry!

  • almost cried

  • *woah*

  • Thanks Steve for the memories I’ve grown up with blue clues and I’m super glad your still the same.

  • I’ve been going through a lot. I’m glad someone believes in me.

  • I never forgot you either, Steve… You thought I forgot. You wanted me to forget. But I remember. I remember that night and what you did. Where’s the body, Steve? Do the right thing. Help us bring Blue home to rest. You know where you buried her. You can’t run from this anymore, Steve.

  • Oh my 😢

  • We need a new Mister Rogers

  • i miss him so much if you arent crying are you a literal beast

  • Thank you for this.

  • Ik how to get the old show back

  • 😭😭😭😭😭 your making me cry man 😭😭😭

  • Steve! Was the best and he still has it

  • Man steve just made my year great

  • We'll never forget you Steve.


  • Ngl I didn't watch this show that much as a kid and I'm still emotional watching this 😭

  • Now we need to hear from Barney

  • I’m 20 and am in college watching this. I still miss u Steve.

  • Blue's Clues was honestly one of the best shows around. Guys go check out his music. It's great too! Steve Burns- Mighty Little Man. 😊💜

  • Why does he look like my 7th grade science teacher

  • Thank you Steve

  • We love and missed you Steve the 5 parent in my life

  • I missed him so much I cried when he left I cried when I seen him cause I thought I would never see him again. Sparked some great memories sitting in front of the tv solving mysterys.

  • When he signs thank you....nostalgic.

  • Who left the bowl of onions here 🤧🤧🤧

  • Who’s cutting onions? My eyes are watery for some reason

  • I still sing mail time every time I collect my stack of bills and credit card offers.

  • I'm glad he's okay. And I loved the show

  • I am in my 30’s so Blues Clues was not a show from >’MY With his voice sounding so kind, his comforting delivery, and kind words, I still geared up though. Steve was there for some of the most insecure and difficult days as a new mom, with that same comforting delivery, helping me learn ways to explore and play games way back when with me toddler Thank you Steve 💜

  • I wasn’t born in the 90’s or early 2000’s yet I remember this guy and got sad when he left

  • Literally balling 😭

  • He dosnt have hair anymore

  • People nowadays have so many abandonment issues while growing up and finally a disclosure from someone who we all love made us tear up😭😭

  • is this supposed to make me cry?

  • Blues clues was my favorite show and it was my first show that I ever watch at 2 years old 2011

  • This is not the full version

  • Now we’re in college 😮‍💨😆…

  • 😥😥. Oh how I missed you Steve

  • You made my childhood so much better thank you 😭😭🥺 (i legit cried)

  • I have a picture of me back in 98 or 99 (I was probably 2 almost 3) watching Blue's Clues in my thinking chair drawing the clues in my notebook.


  • We missed you! I’m glad you got to do what you needed for you! I am 33 years old and I watched Blue’s clues every time it was on! You were like the big brother I never had! Thank you for being a part of all of our childhoods! ❤️

  • Needs more views

  • Steve was and still is one of the greats! I'm glad he returned into the lime lite to give us this message. Blues clues was one of my favorite childhood shows for sure! Happy 25th anniversary of blues clues! I hate to admit I cried a little when I watched this and I just turned 33 last month to. Steve will always will be one of the Ogs!

  • “I never forgot you” My eyes are a waterfall right now 😭

  • Thank you for everything, Steve. 😥❣️

  • Wow

  • I’m gonna start crying

  • When he did the thank you in ASL am I the only one that instinctively said “Your Welcome” in ASL?”

  • 😭 I miss him!

  • This man was such an inspiration to me growing up. I never forgot you either Steve

  • That last part makes me feel better about myself in fact this whole video does

  • 😭😭😭😭😭