Spencer Roasts Carly w/ His Art?! 📺🔥 New iCarly | NickRewind

Published on Jul 25, 2021
Spencer and Carly might have lots of love for each other - but they don't always agree on everything! While Carly may be caught up chasing the life on an influencer online, Spencer clearly is more of an... artiste! What do you think about the Museum of Influence in this scene from the new iCarly series - only on Paramount+!

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  • That girl is from Jessie

  • This is really tough to watch

  • I'm a 100% on board with Spencer's war on internet influencers

  • Is it me or does Willow sound exactly like Senator Susan Collins?

  • Carly is kinda awkward on her own, Sam needed

  • 0:25 I thought that was KSI

  • i always liked icarly I am a big fan

  • ksl??

  • People are…pi….

  • Willow is the actress of Stuart from Jessie

  • In case anybody hasn’t Seen Miranda on Jimmy Fallon recently: Jerry asked Miranda to do a tan with her and they did them. He wakes up and he’s all orange because he forgot to wash it off. He got mad at Miranda so the painting of Miranda in this episode he asked to take home and he hung it up and FaceTimed Miranda as revenge For a better understanding watch Miranda on Jimmy Fallon, the 2021 version tho 😭

  • Hahahahahhah

  • in my option sam brings the crazy fun and weird side of carly that's how the show was so entertaining but now she's kinda boring

  • so were just gonna ignore willow is stuart from jessie

  • Who thinks the cast members of Cobra Kai should guest star on this show?

  • is that stuart from jessie!?

  • I always love Carly I do

  • 2:00 I am a shadow , the true self!

  • Swearing

  • Freddie just got rickrolled, TWICE!!

  • I 💝 this Spencer is just calling out all influencers online. Which goes to show you don't call your self an influencer if you are not going to influence

    • Also cancel culture, this show was basically making fun of cancel culture

  • Willow was offended by potato chip duck? We've all done that before. At least I know I have as a kid, having already noticed the chip's similarity to duck beaks. What was Carly referring to as "taking too personally"?

    • @Chris Hernandez Thing is, I think "offended" and "taking too personally" implies the person has been insulted. I think she and Carly used the wrong words.

    • No she wasn't, she was offended by the SINGLE potato chip and stated the potato chip duck is true art.

  • Willow's cute

  • Esilarante presentazione dello stand Museum 😂😂😂😂😂

  • you'd think freddie would've learnd from sam

  • me wishing it would be available in the UK😢

  • who else love carly

  • carly. has change now

  • This is one episode where Spemcer went too far

  • i have the same last name as you Carly in real life Cosgrove love your web show

  • I think I like the old Carly more

  • 😶Carly said [this place is pisst]!

  • "I'm Going To Roast You, ARTISTICALLY."

  • 1:33 yall prolly aint recognized who that was but thats the same person who played stewart from jessie

  • Upload one

  • Come on done to the museum of Inflinsers


  • 2:55 ...and could tear others apart sometimes.

  • Hallo

  • Hi

  • They should bring back Missy

  • Milicent is like a mini sam cause of her personality 😅

  • I love icarly


  • I swear that the person Carly was talking to is Stewart from Jessie on Disney

    • ik matter of fact WE KNOW!!

  • Cussing again.....

  • Tbh, I don’t really like the i Carly reboot Classics are better

    • Well..it's better than most reboots. It actually seems pretty fun!

  • The episode where Spencer was Based

  • Don't get me wrong but.. icarly is different without sam 😓

  • I want a sam and Spencer timeline

  • Why did you put in the bad words

    • This is more for an older audience age range from 18-28

  • Spencer I have always loved you as a character since you are my favorite….or you were this is just to harsh to your own sister

    • @Jay Constell it was a meme that led to the situation

    • I don't exactly know what led to this nor have watched the whole episodes, but I'm with Spencer on this one.

  • Bro Josie is pretty

  • I ❤️ iCarly!!!

  • the new icarly is hilarious

  • Hi

  • 2:46 fun fact: Willow is also Stuart from Jessie

  • i like your video iCarly ?

  • Hi

  • Hello ICarly

  • What app do i watch this 😩✋

  • This is the Spencer we always deserved

  • ICARLY is power to me

  • Can someone tell me where can I watch the new iCarly in eastern Europe?

    • I watch it in fmovies cuz we also don't have paramount here in our country

  • Omg they used the h word

    • This is for an old audience that's why

  • Well that's perfect for art! What's up with Spencer?!

  • don't mess with spencer and oh... freddie.

  • “Like, like, like. Does this make your empty soul feel better?” Spencer is a savage now.

    • 0:40

    • Y’all won’t bilive this so you no drake and josh well why it ended was why spencer was a worker in drake and josh and he killed drake there mom and dad and left Carly and his other bro took Carly and named her Carly shay

    • Please give me a like for my empty soul 😂

    • Does getting thumbs up make yours feel better?

  • Millicent is mean

  • 0:11 4 paintings of Carly Shay

  • I miss Sam🥺🥺😭😭💔💔

  • Spencer and his art have a separate fanbase❤

  • 2:45 Is it just me or the wings kinda looks like the Bisexual flag.

  • Guys this ain't fair the old icarly was for kids but this is not i cannot watch it my parents ain't letting me watch it not fair

    • Well that’s the intention this isn’t designed for new fans it’s designed for the old fans who are older now, it’s not a reboot it’s a revival.

    • U don't understand my parents r the Indian version of the rock if I rebel against them I am dead so sorry I can't

    • So? Rebel against your parents. That's the whole point.

    • 11 bruh

    • How old are you?

  • Where have I seen the lady in a white top before.....

  • Freddie needs to do better as a parent.

  • Woooow

  • Nice It i'm🤣🤣

  • Why javascript dude ?? 🤣🤣

  • The keyboard Freddie Give to the girl it’s my sisters keyboard not the Pacific a real one she has

  • wow what a roast for this generation of kids 😂😂

  • Is That Stuart from jessie

  • I love iCarly :D

  • Never underestimate the power of a true artiste. An artiste that is Spencer.

  • I am Basic 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love the new iCarly

  • Ottima presentazione dello stend

  • I’m liking the new iCarly!

  • Karil Love you

  • Lol😅🤣🤣

  • Hi Andre I a big fan

  • Foto fantastiche e sketch divertente 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hiiiiiii

  • Iwant paramount in the Middle East

  • Nice

  • Early

  • Hi🤗☺🙂😊😀😱😄🤣😂🤩😍🥰❤👍👋

  • firts

  • Wow

  • Early and great video

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    • @Krish Solanki They’re not bots

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