Sikowitz Going Full Sikowitz for 8 Minutes 🤯 Victorious | NickRewind

Published on Aug 1, 2021
Sikowitz may not be one of the most traditional teachers at Hollywood Arts in Victorious, but he sure does make things... interesting. Whether Sikowtiz is hosting a method acting themed sleepover for Tori, Cat, Jade, André and the rest of the group or sipping on whatever is in that coconut, Sikowtiz is always acting true to himself! Here are 8 minutes of Sikowtiz going full, well, Sikowtiz!

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  • 5:13-Broken Sikowitz is me in lockdown

  • 0:48 a dancing lobster from Amanda show attacks

  • OK who else wants a teacher like Sikowitz?

  • The only reason Tori learned Guatamala was because if there's Sikowitz, you'll need translation for that

  • The nooch scene BAHAGAHAGAHADDAFS

  • Sikowitz is mostly the reason I watch this show. Anyone else?

  • He is funny simple minded but funny 😄 and smart

  • shout out to Eric Lange (the actor who plays him) for giving us a memorable character!!

  • I would call him a G.O.A.T.....but he’s to hip for that.

  • I want a teacher like him! Sikowitz legend he's funny 😂😂😃

  • Took me a minute after watching Brand New Cherry that the producer that Rosa Salazar put a curse on was this man☝🏾

  • BauilBauil❤️❤️❤️😯☺️👍😯❤️

  • 5:27

  • #Victorious #NickRewind #Nickelodeon🖤📺🎶🖤!

  • I don't remember that last scene. Why'd he do that?


  • Psychowitz

  • sikowitz: I SPY A FLY WITH MY LITTLE THIGH red liped cop: THIGH?!

  • Best teacher on nike ever

  • You know what's funny? My old 5th grade teacher was a lot like Sikowitz except for the teaching acting part😂😂😂

  • tHiGh?

  • 1. Sleepover At Sikowitz’s 2. April Fools Blank 3. Beck’s Big Break 4. The Bird Scene 5. Tori Tortures Teacher 6. The Bird Scene 7. Tori Tortures Teacher 8. The Bird Scene 9. Beck’s Big Break 10. Tori Tortures Teacher 11. Pilot 12. Tori Tortures Teacher 13. Freak the Freak Out episode

  • Sikowitz is really kind.

  • I love you Sikowitz!!!

  • Sikowitz is the wildest teacher ever

  • The funniest teacher in Nickelodeon 📣🎼

  • E

  • 5:27 6:19 best scenes

  • me and fans want Beck and jade ship cat and Robbie ship and tori and Andre ship

  • Actually in India on a channel called "Nick HD+" Victorious and Big Time Rush are going to be started at 9:00pm from August 2 (today)

  • Sikowitz is so funny

  • My third favorite after jade and beck

  • Why does Tori know the language of Guatemala that's the real question

  • Sikowitz: Adjective, verb and a adverb. Definition: Doing something unexpected or unnecessarily sane. For example; Benny, did something very sikowitz.

  • He's The Best Hilarious Teacher Ever On This Show

  • School won't be boring with teachers like Sikowitz

  • I wish they would've give this guy more solo musical performances.

  • I wish they kept his line "I don't care you've been acting like a gank all week, and I'm not gonna reward you with the role of Susie."

  • When actors are in a TV series about an acting class: *Actception*

  • Sikowitz: exists Fly: *Current Objective: SURVIVE*

  • He's like my teacher

  • Sikowitz is that kind of teacher you would want to have fun and replace your extremely rude teacher

  • You should make a compilation video about Sikowitz being addicted to coconuts

  • I love him he had the first name as my dad Erwin

  • Me to his is so fun

  • 0:48 Unm okay Amanda Show reference 😂 “Bring in the dancin’ lobsters!” 🦞

  • Such an underrated teacher🥥🥥🥥

  • 0:39 Robbie: (to Sikowitz) You tricked me!

  • I had a crush on Sikowitz when I was a kid 😔

  • I wish I had a teacher like him

  • Or as they say in Guatemala, " A turtle ate my wife " That made my day 💕🤣🤣

  • Could you PLEASE Upload a video that involves any nicktoon, game show or anything from the 80s 90s and early 00s PLEASE No more love drama No more Savage Moments I Really want the 80s, 90s and early 00s back Please Please PLEASE!

  • u

  • 0:49 A Dancing Lobster?! I haven't seen them since The Amanda Show!

  • Super Sketch divertenti 😂😂

  • Could you do Bae or Nae with Kelly and Gustavo from Big Time Rush (BTR)

  • Worlds best teacher 😂😂❤️❤️

  • 7:22

  • Sikowitz is crazy.

  • The part where Sikowitz sings that song and releases water on himself was hilarious. 😂

  • If Sikowitz was one of my teachers, I would actually wanna go to school every single day

  • 1:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • crazy great teacher.

  • Best teacher ever no of and or buts about that

  • Sikowitz is the best teacher ever

  • I want skowitz as a teacher

  • I love Sikowitz and if he was my teacher I would have never left the classroom Edit: omg so many likes 👍 😍

  • We all have that one teacher like sikowitz 😂

  • Sikowitz us a strange guy...........but funny, too.

  • What a great teacher

  • I love him

  • Sikowitz more like pyschowitz

  • 6:00 Robbie please put that puppet down.

  • 7:45 CORRECTION. *NEARLY* 8 minutes straight.

  • My second favourite character after Robbie.

  • Psycho for sikowiz

  • Love a teacher like him

  • I love this show

  • The best teacher ever

  • I can't believe this man was high when he drank a coconut milk 😂

  • 😳

  • He’s my favorite.

  • He is the reason Tori was accepted to Hollywood Arts because he let Trina in.

    • @graceful But if Trina never got in, Tori would have never had to preform

    • It’s also the Principal’s reason too, he let her in

    • You know, I didn't even think of that 🤯

  • Hie

  • I want a teacher like him!

  • Who wants a Victorious Reboot? 👇🏽

  • Sikowitz is that one teacher we wish we had in our class. He seems like a fun teacher

  • Lol ,so funny

  • 3rd comment! Lol I love sikowits

  • Love nickelodion

  • We need a victorious Reeboot!!

    • @Juan Ignacio Gamer 717 It's not a reboot. A revival.

    • True

    • And make a spin-off named Jade & Cat

    • There is one on Netflix I think it comes out on October 1 st

    • @Aesthetic_boii lets not talk about behind the scenes, lets just maybe focus on the show?