Jade West Has Her Own Show?! 😈 "Jaded" Ep. 1 | Victorious

Published on Aug 7, 2021
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) had her own spinoff of Victorious? Watch the unofficial re-imagination of Victorious if it was all about Jade!

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  • Jaded Rocks 🤘🤘

  • Jade and Sam are the best two characters ever. Who agrees with me?

  • This is such an art project/passion project kinda thing. Love it

  • If Beck was in my house when this happened I would kick him out.

  • ‘One time! I cried one time!’ ‘Six’ ‘Six times!’

  • Nick rewind really running out of content ideas huh

  • Yes, it's called Dynasty

  • I like how Jade stopped counting when she heard the commotion, and continued when it stopped. So she knows that it was his decision.

  • Please give us a finale pleaseeee give us a finale 😤😤

  • I think that card playing scene happens before andre starts to like jade and she never said how she felt about him then

  • I can definitely see her being bi if the show had a revival

  • Actually there diff from the rest of gf and bf cause usually gf and bf love each other but once there maried thats when the fight starts stress work

  • I wish this was a real show

  • #Ethan123

  • I expect a fully show now.

  • YES JADE!!!

  • I would watch 10 seasons if this was real!

  • I mean if we out here with an iCarly reboot, who says Jaded can't be a real thing

  • we need jaded to become a real thing

  • I wish Jade had a spin off

  • please make this a full show

  • wait...why does Jade's name in the thumbnail have the upside down pentagram behind it????

  • Jade with the short, curly black hair 😩👌

  • here to let you all know liz gillies is the star of dynasty, her new character fallon is very similar to jade, and liz sings every now and then :)

  • she NEEDS her own show

  • We need this

  • sooooo y'all making this happen

  • Nick a jade show instead u made Sam and cat

  • This is hilarious and shows the magic of video editing, there’s enough footage of jade that they really could make a separate mini series based off her character

  • Honestly, Jade just needed someone who could handle her personality. She acts mean sometimes, but that's only to hide the fact that she is hurting deep inside.

  • Worst editing in Nick Rewind history


  • 3:57 Jade: Wrong animal, Cat! I wish she said that.

  • Honestly dolphins are super creepy and intelligent animals, so that’s totally fair

  • it should have been "JADED" not "VicTORIous"

  • Imagine an actual jade spin off. I’d cry

  • Nah nick We gotta make this a real thing

  • Yeah, it's called Dynasty.

  • That’s not what that series was?

  • Liz needs this to be real

  • Did a Nickelodeon show just post a photo with the devils pentagon, wow

  • Beck really said: IM NOT HAPPY WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP- Everyone else: Oop-

  • Why is Jade's show all about her and Beck???

  • I like eating javacoded sandwich

  • sam and cat should've been jade and cat they would've made better roommates

  • not nick advertising witch craft, just lost a sub

  • 645

  • If this was a show I would watch it

  • I didn't watch a single episode of Victorious, but after watching this I want Jaded. I am invested in this relationship now and seeing her grow as a character!

  • these clips honestly say a lot about jade and cat... we know jade's parents are separated but "well, all boyfriends and girlfriends fight a lot, don't they?" really breaks my heart... i don't think jade has had or seen a single healthy relationship in her life... beck doesn't want to deal with her, andre avoids her, robbie's scared of her, cat just doesn't have a care in the world. i could write an essay branching off of this why tori and jade's relationship works so well and how they should've dated/been endgame but that's a story for another time :') cat's parents... something tells me they fight about her :( or her brother :(( "i'm under my bed" makes me want to cry... just... it does make a bit of sense why cat doesn't ever seem to grow up. coping methods? who knows... also... "is this a closet party?" sounds as fruity as all these characters adkf;jdksf

    • If you do write an essay about how tori and jade would work well I would totally read it so interesting

  • episode 2?

  • JADED should be a real show especially because i love jade and how rebellious she is. She needs a spinoff show and theres gotta be some other people like tori,beck,andre,cat, and Sikowitz.

  • "but all boyfriends and girlfriends fight a lot" this says so much about jade's upbringing and her relationships to people in general

    • @La Spooky im sorry to u, i hope things are better with ur parents...

    • @Rhae Anne that's what I used to think cuz my parents always be fighting

    • Her parents must fight a lot for her to picture couples like that

  • I’d totally watch a Jade show in real life

  • 4:42 in one of my baby vids I forgot 7 lol 😂

  • 2:46 Cat faints

  • 3:30 Andrè: (stands up) All right! We didn’t invite you guys to play, because you two are always screaming at each other, it makes everybody feel awkward, it makes Cat faint, and sometimes it makes Robbie cry.

  • Jade:Cats basically a pet Cat:BARK

  • Just watch the Dynasty reboot. That's the next best thing.😆

  • Cat ,ARIANA Grande😂😂😂😂

  • Jade , stupenda giovane ribelle che canta melodiossmente e ti manda a quel paese in modo violento e deciso

  • We need it please

  • I miss the flip out of this show!

  • Yep, Jaded would have been funnier than Victorious

  • #Victorious #JadeWest #ElizebethGillies🖤📺🖤📺🖤📺🖤!

  • 2:21

  • IS this the girl from the Rock band Pretty Reckless ?

  • What would make this even better is that Jade and Tori slowly became from friends to something more.

  • I would’ve loved this show SO MUCH MORE if Jade was the main character

  • poor cat she has so much anxiety :(


  • I kinda want them to bring back victorious

  • i would watch that if it came out x

  • Bruh is nobody gonna talk about the pentagram in the "show" logo??

  • LIZ NEEDED HER OWN SHOW WITH CAT We needed Jade and Cat not Sam and Cat lol

    • i think the whole point of sam and cat is to mix the two worlds of icarly and victorious. we had already seen jade and cats interactions, so they gave us something new

    • Yeah Jade and Sam would of been great to see that. Because Jade and Sam are the most relatable characters ever. But maybe Sam can come on to Jade's show if Jade wants her to. Because it would be the best show ever. Because Jaded Rocks. 🤘🤘

    • Oh shut up that sounds horibble sam and cat for life i was go give u 1k likes nvm dork😑

    • It just feels right

    • @•Late_Autumn• I always liked sam more but that pairing was always odd to me

  • The scisorring

  • I want episode 2

  • Nickelodeon openly showing a pentagram on a youtube video, yeah, that's what kids and teens need to be exposed to.

  • NickRewind:Jade has her own show Me:OMG OMG SHE DOES???!!! I'M SO WATCHING IT Me:clicks on it The 'show':clips from Victorious

  • thank you nick for giving the real main character the recognition she deserves

  • We need a closing finale of victorious.. Maybe like a reunion and flash forward on what happen to their life, and tori can be a successful model instead of singer

    • @Jessica Fountain that is why it's called story idea where everything can be constructed

    • Why would she be a model instead? She’s either be a singer or an actress

  • Nice I realy hope that is spin of show for Jade if her actor Elizabeth has her own youtube show I would definitely subscribe

  • I love Victorious

  • Take my money, I'll pay to watch the show rn 💵💵💵

  • I love this show

  • I feel so bad for jade. She just needs a person that can carry her through her insecurities instead of using them. I can't imagine how she could survive though her childhood. She desperately needs a person to vent to. I'm willing to do that for her.

    • @Dan Clarke I mean has that ever stopped people from doing it?

    • While I like the idea of Jori...alot, I was thoroughly convinced that Andre could have been the Yin to Jade's Yang...think about it...

    • Bro………

    • *reads last part* S I M P

    • @𝚂𝚈𝙱𝙰𝚄.𝙲𝙹 I was responding to his “I’m willing to do that for her” comment Duh

  • I wish this was an actual show


  • Yeah, Victorious has to be rebooted with Jaded videos.

  • Ok great idea I love it but ALMOST 10 YEARS LATE FOR THAT

  • This is so funny I hope we have episode 2

  • I thought this was a closet party lol/cat jade tori’s not my friend I only atolarate Robbie no one likes Trina and cat’s basically a pet

    • I'm surprised Beck didn't ask well, why do you hang out with them

  • That need to be a Netflix serie

  • Why the pentagram tho

  • For a second there I thought she actually had one

  • 0:39 Jade Mest?

  • that episode made me think of Jade and Beck as a fighting married couple and Cat as their poor daughter beeing traumtized by them fighting.

  • This should be a spin-off show.

  • Jade is my favourite character from victorious

  • Ep. 2 please 😍