Freddie's Mom vs. André's Grandma 🤪 Who's Weirder? | iCarly & Victorious

Published on Jul 31, 2021
Freddie's Mom and André's Grandma are by far two of the most out there characters in the shared iCarly and Victorious universe! But between Marissa Benson and Charlotte Harris who is the weirdest?

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  • Both

  • Andre's grandma is hilarious

    • However, Freddy's mom is pretty cool to

  • Andre laughed at tori when he's grandma said you need a divers lises

  • What if they met

  • I want to see Sam vs Ponnie vs Nora

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Granmother:)


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • La mamá de Freddy de Ana

  • Andre’s Grandma

  • Andre's grandma

  • andre's grandma

  • That is funny here


  • I have some mad respect for Mrs. Benson for saving her son's life. I'll always find Andres grandma as one of the funniest characters on victorious. I believe Mrs. Benson is more weird as Andres grandma is more crazy.

  • i would say andre's grandma is. shes very very hilarious tho xd but freddies mom is protective and cool like she did fencing very well!

  • I like more Andre’s grandma. She is more hilarious and I remember, that I laughted a lot, when I saw her. She is my favorite character. Marissa is so bossy, like my grandma 😂😂😂.

  • Andrew grandma is more crazier than a Mrs. Benson

  • Plot twist: they’re both friends


  • I love André s grandma

  • Andre's Grandma is weirder

  • andres grandma

  • I honestly don't know Edit: Andre's Grandma. I have came to a conclusion that even though, Freddie's mom would do anything to keep him safe and if anybody tries to hurt him, she turns into an absolute crazy beast, nothing and I mean NOTHING can beat the power of a black woman. It has never been shown on TV but I'm pretty sure that if anybody even hurts Andre, his grandma will literally destroy them.

  • Andres grandma for sure

  • Andres grandmas Crazy level is off the charts

  • Andre’s grandmother isn’t weird just plain insecure and crazy on a lot of things

  • Andre’s grandma is definitely weirder 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • ms bensen is weirder

  • Ander grandam

  • andres gramma...

  • Andre’s grandma is HILARIOUS, but is weirder

  • I don't even know who's meaner, jade or sam

  • Both underrated characters

  • Andres grandma is the weirdest and the funniest

  • Freddie's mom is a weirdo

  • I think Andre's grandma but i like Mrs.Benson more😅❤❤

  • I think victoria was sad because Leon third grandad is shouting at her and it was funny

  • Tori jade cat Roobie Andre Beck Trina

  • Andre 's Grand Ma Is Weirdness More Then Freddie 's Mom

  • I like Andres Grandma more

  • Freedies mom is wired in most of icarly

  • I think it’s way easier to deal with Freddy’s mom than the grandma

  • andre grandma was soo funny literally one of my fave character in victorious.

  • Andre Granny was the best

  • 5:02 OOf 😮

  • Andre's grandma

  • freddies mum is more weird

  • Andres grandma

  • Peeps, gramma is old and makes sense why she aint sane, but ms benson? I dont think she has a valid reason....but gramma's weirder totes


  • Freddie's mom is weirder but andre's grandma is hilarious

  • 😜

  • Andreuses grandma definitely

  • Andres grandma is

  • Freddie's mom and Andre's grandmother be like: Freddie's mom: hi Andre's grandmother: I DONT KNOW YOU

  • I love this show

  • Andre grandma is more hilarious to watch all the time(= .

  • 6:38 *I DONT KNOW YOU! AHHHH!* I swear she was hilarious 🤣

  • Tori:I don't have my driver's license (Grandma Harris starts laughing) 0:36

  • both

  • Andres grandma is so weird and crazy 😳🤪

  • Freddie’s mom yup

    • Cuz she says wired things and what do she do with Freddie uhh man idk what to say she does all wired things

  • I like andrës grandma beacause I don’t really like I Carly

  • Andre grandma is werid for sure

  • Mrs Benson wasn't funny grandmaw was

  • I will going with Andres grand-mother she is the weirdest

  • They could be bestie


    • @Victor Fernandez "OH!" (insane laughter)

    • “Grandma, you in the backyard!” “See you gotta stop doing this.”

  • BOTH WEIRD SQUARE 100 \100

  • andres mom

  • We all knew André's grandma was the best character ever who was created in victorious.

  • both are wierd

  • I think both are weird

  • Grandma

  • freddies mum

  • Now do one about, who is the craziest compared to the stories, Cat's brother or Sam's mom?


  • Ms . Benson : Sticky and wet makes mommy upset Andre grandma : What the bug are you talking about ?

  • I agree

  • haenenawdyes

  • Freddies mom is worse i like mrs harris

  • “StiCky aNd wEt mAkEs mOmMy uPsEt”

  • Hi old icarly

  • Okay lets be hones Andre's grandma's was and still is iconic this woman act incredible!!!

  • Well they're both weird. But Andre's grandma is funny. Plus her character is funnier in general because it's an exaggeration of how elderly people's memory slows down and their moodswings.

  • Wheres nona?

  • I love Andres Grandma

  • Mamma apprensiva , sketch divertente esilarante 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Andres grandma is weirdest than freddies mom

  • I love Andreas grandma

  • I wish Freddie’s mom was never in the show only a smart dad

  • Tori: I don’t have my driver’s license yet Olivia Rodrigo: I can help with that


  • Freddie's mom is creepy and should be locked up

  • there both weird in their own ways.

  • Spencer: hey Mrs Benson WhatsApp Mrs benson:I made after school snacks for Freddie and I want you to share them with me Spencer:i uh don Mrs benson:share them with me! Spencer:alright

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  • Freddie’s mom is from bunked!