Did Spencer Make a Deal with the Devil? 🔥👹 iConspiracy | iCarly

Published on Sep 10, 2021
Spencer's fires seem to follow him everywhere... but why? Could it be the work of... something sinister? Spencer is a nice guy and all, but between his newfound riches in the new iCarly and these mysterious fires something doesn't add up. Here's our iConspiracy theory about Spencer's mysterious fires!

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  • Could you PLEASE Upload a video that involves any nicktoon, game show or anything from the 80s 90s and early 00s PLEASE No more love drama No more Savage Moments I Really want the 80s, 90s and early 00s back Please Please PLEASE!

  • The gummy bear is his Stand. 『Leave It All 2 Me』

  • Debunked: Their dad was paying all of the expenses it was mentioned multiple times

  • Id like to think spencer is a stand user and just doesnt know it :P

  • Matpat has entered the chat

  • It was the Gummy Bears that caused the fires to happen.

  • i feel like either spencer is curse or his and carly's parents was put on cursed to have their 1st born child (that's spencer) cursed.

  • Nah the fire is because he’s secretly a online nees

  • Plot twist He is the one of the last fire benders



  • The dad pays for the property duh 🙄 P.s. da dad gives em money 💵💰

  • Gummy bears is curs

  • One thing u missed is will spencer ever get a job friends or a permanent girlfriend

  • Nick acting like they don’t know where Carlys mom is will forever send me😭😭

  • This looks like a video by the Theorizer.

  • love how they made spencer as zuko

  • So, the gummy bears cause Spencer to have pyrokenesis this whole time *drinks 🍵* Interesting

  • Carly's face when Spencer sets everything on 🔥 [press pause before clicking] 1:55 2:24

  • That monster episode was the scariest ever

  • Maybe he controls fire cause his a fire sign?

  • He could have Pyrokinesis the ability to light fires with his mind and sometimes without knowing or the Gummi bears are possessed with the ability of Pyrokinesis. It's like those sour patch kids commercials first their sour then their sweet

  • 0:33 Spencer: (shocked) WHAT?!?!?! (his pants start falling down)

  • simple. He’s a fire bender

  • It has to be the cursed gummy bears. There is no other explanation.

  • Yeah he’s cursed

  • Gotta love Spencer

  • carly + spencers mom is most likely dead

  • Spencer is one funny guy.😂 love him

  • Whoa.... 😲 Fire!??

  • Plotwist: Chuck was behind all the random fires

  • Spencer has fire powers. I think it was a magician

  • My best guess is that, seen iCarly takes place in a share universe has in Thundermans, Henry Dangers, Danger Force, Game Stoppers, and Sam and Cat........... suggest the The late Mrs. Shay (Spencer's and Carly's mom), was a superheroine who had the power of 🔥. Which could also explain why we don't see her (and why they never say if she lefted or if.....K.I.A. in the line of duty).

    • So true

    • It also explains why we see Goomer from Sam and Cat in Henry Danger! Also, if Victorious is in this universe, it would explain the whole "Frankini = Cat's brother" theory that I put in the comments of the Cat's brother video that Nickrewind did.

    • Game Shakers. And that would be really cool if they're mom was a superhero.

  • Please do a video of carlys birthday curse

  • Spencer is a Lunarian from One Piece confirmed.

  • If the gummy Bears theory is true They's basicelly the cursed idols of iCarly

  • Whoa. If He is like that, we can see him as a hero with fire power

  • In the last episode Spencer said to his dad just keep sending money

  • I hope Carly's mother is going to appear in the revival.

    • @Tristan think about it when he was born he killed his mom on accident and he just doesn’t remember because he was too young

    • @Danger Max what

    • @Tristan wait a minute I think Spencer killed his mom with his fire powers

    • Season 2

    • She didn't

  • "The gummy bears caused the fires!!!" Well that's a plot twist and a half

    • True I think that the gummy bears do cuse the fires

    • Zero,x, Swam,,z Mz

  • Is this a watchmojo spoof? XD

  • 2bx25 vur.fyi

  • i wanna know what happend to carlys mom

    • I wanna know what happened with the goat also I think carlys mum died

  • wow

  • var.fyi lovely

  • Sordo Jeffry yo 🇩🇴🇲🇽💪🧔🤙 si 👍 bien tu 🇺🇲🇲🇽👸🧔🤙carly si 🤝 sii 👋 hola 🤗🤝🤙👍 bien si

  • Who else loves Icarly ?

  • Great question

  • Great question

  • Spence should be a dormite character

  • wow

  • Early bird