Devon Werkheiser + Lindsey Shaw Reveal IRL Dating and Ned's Declassified Secrets! | Real vs. Rewind

Published on Sep 4, 2021
Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw may have helped us all survive middle school as Ned Bigby and Moze in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, but what was going on behind the scenes? Did Devon and Lindsey really date? What were the wildest moments on set? Join us for this episode of Real vs. Rewind where Devon and Lindsey choose to dish (or NOT) on everything from making out between scenes to the hidden skills you had no idea they have!

0:00 - Intro
1:14 - Lindsey's Relationship Struggle 💀
2:15 - Devon's Secret Talent 🎺
3:28 - Lindsey Faces a Consequence
5:08 - Who Was The Worst Person on Set?
7:42 - They Should NOT Have Done This
9:18 - How Did Devon + Lindsey Start Dating?!
11:00 - Making Out at Lunch 💋
12:27 - Why Did You Break Up?!
12:49 - Who's The Better Kisser?
13:19 - Devon + Lindsey Are Getting Back Together??
13:34 - Red Flag Dates
16:04 - COOKIE Calls In
17:24 - What Are They Doing Now?

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  • This is amazing!

  • Ayo where’s Cookie?

  • The 3 main characters you two and Daniel when he’s fully able too

  • I Haven't Seen These Guys For So Long

  • This hit me in the feels in all the best ways 😭😭😭 I loved this show in my teenage years, and it helped that I was around the same age as the cast, now I am 31 and it’s fascinating to look back on this show and everything it taught! I miss this show so much!

  • I am fangirling...omg

  • They should do a show where they are back in school as they look today. That would be funny.

  • Nice

  • I feel old

  • Happy Thursday

  • I'm so happy right now

  • It’s really nice that they are still close, that they still have that person they went through so many experiences with

  • Is it me or does Devon(Ned) look like a fusion of Corey Matthews from Boy Meets World and Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle

  • Devon needs DDP Yoga

  • Devon's rocking that Adam Cole look!

  • We need a spinoff where the main cast plays the teachers and teach the new generation of kids in middle school.

  • This was the cutest thing in the world.🥰

  • Devon right now looks Shaggy from Scooby Doo

  • I love this. And I would love to see Devon and Lindsay back for another one but I would love to see one with Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies doing a Real vs. Rewind video.

  • Wow!

  • I think we all need a Ned’s Declassified Adulthood Survival Guide

  • Yeah need more video like this

  • Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande should do this, I bet they’d have some funny stories haha

  • I hope you guys do get back together you both are amazing together and let just face ut clear you both still love each other


  • Devon Werkheiser / Lindsey Shaw / Daniel Curtis Lee / Christian Serratos / Daran Norris / High School Musical Corbin Bleu

  • Low-key though…the show’s tips from the show actually helped me throughout middle school.

  • Awwwwwwwwww

  • This video makes me feel like I’m hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in years😂

  • Y’all should marry each other

  • what i hated about this show is that it taught kids that if u tell the girl you have a crush on that you like her, she will automatically date you even though they rarely talked but ned & Moze were always hanging out/talking and thats how people start dating in real life.

  • I love them! Please do this again

  • Can this whole series really just be Lindsay and Devon?

  • Omg ned bigby and moze😊😊😊


  • Kenan and Kel gotta do the Real vs Rewind next! You gotta!!!

  • 🤍❤

  • It brings back memories

  • Between the Ned reunion and Blue's Clue Steve, I've gotten the most closure in just this past week than my entire life lol

  • Let’s watch “Ned’s Declassified College Survival” (results may vary.) JK😄

  • this so the only reboot we want ! pause all reboots! give them lots of money !

  • loved this video! I wish they weren’t problematic tho, doubt Ned’s will ever get a reboot now.

  • Ned’s declassified STARTED almost 20 years ago 💀 (17 years ago)

  • It´s great that they are still like Ned and Moze :D even with Cookie ! The three of them love each other :D

  • 🔥we need more

  • The Dodgeball episode is still my favorite

  • Y’all gotta do a full question video with you two, along with Daniel Curtis Lee and Daran Norris (Gordy). That would be epic. 😊

  • Ned's was one of those series that was complete and utter chaos yet so wonderfully written by Scott Fellows that (at least those who gave the series a chance) can't help but fall in love with it. The entire cast worked so well together and everyone got along so well it was evident even in the series. I am glad Devon and Lindsay are still friends even after all these years and I truly hope Devon and Daniel kept that "brotherly" bond they had even after the series (mostly talking about youtube videos of Devon back in the early 00's)!


  • Que bronca me da no entender mucho inglés y no captar casi nada de lo que hablan

  • Omg she’s cute…. 😍

  • Come back with Daniel next time :)

  • We need them back!

  • Bring back Kenan & Kel!

  • Ned got hot

  • I vote to have a USdos series with them 😍😍

  • Aww what a duo❤️ love them!

  • This was so awesome

  • Twentieth century fox studio

  • This was awesome too watch, Lindsey looks like she just came out of the 90’s with that Nickelodeon shirt and she looks like she went grunge in my opinion.

  • Devon was my biggest crush growing up 😍😍😍 He is still SO HANDSOME 💕💕

  • Lindsay looks like Elaine Hendrix's daughter

  • I really enjoyed that, so nice to watch the three of You doing great(those 5seconds of Cookie were a nice detail).Also a new show with You guys would be awesome. next time could be You guys again and maybe Gordy and Mr. Sweeney

  • It was nice to see Daniel Lee Curtis for a minute on here.

  • It's too bad the show didn't get a fourth season. For when they go to high school. That would've been amazing.

  • Amazing

  • Lindsay's got an alt girl thing going on. I dig it.

  • I hope we get a reboot of this, similar to icarly

  • This made my whole weekend! Do another one but with Cookie, too! Also, when is Ned's gonna be available to stream somewhere?!

    • @King Chris 23 I'm hella stoked now!! Gonna start watching ASAP

    • @Vince Vicari i was surprised bc I only bought Paramount for icarly but after seeing Neds, I watched all seasons til end

    • @King Chris 23 I didn't know that!!! Thank you! ^_^

  • Kristin is the best

  • cool video, love the "real vs rewind" concept. i want to see: drake and josh icarly cast on their time in the original kennan and kel the amanda show victorious big time rush and many more teennick shows that appear on nickelodeon main channel.

  • Alguien que lo traduzca para latinoamerica please

  • Do Big Time Rush next!

  • I would love to see you guys come back again for another one of these! Very fun to watch! 😊

  • I wish I could find what they have. Even if it's fake, it's still beautiful


  • I'd like to say my favorites parts but I loved the whole video haha I love them so much, if anyone wants more of this, go follow them on Instagram it's practically the same thing haha

  • Devon at 17:58 is our entire generation and why we need a show of them in their 20’s figuring out life

  • My favourite show and my favourite Nick's couple😍 They should try to date each other again👀

  • I love how they still have great chemistry and a great connection. Also love how they answered each question. You can see how they still have such respect and care for one another. Love how even in some moments you see them relive they’re happy moments of the past. I feel like they could reconnect romantically again. One things for sure they are staying part of each other’s lives no matter what.

  • Man they have changed so much!

  • Please another interview of Devon and Lindsey !!!!!

  • I'm getting old :(

  • I never knew they dated

  • Didn’t she get canceled?

    • @Xoxo Monet It’s almost as if celebrities aren’t actually canceled while complaining about being cancelled.

    • I was wondering the same

  • I really love Devon and Lindsey

  • We want the remake of Ned college edition

  • I used to enjoy the show but now I can't, it's extremely cringy. :D

  • #Hairtwin!!!

  • She is giving me Sam vibes from Danny Phantom.

  • Great to see this trio. Even though Daniel was there for a short time.

  • This was great to watch.

  • Oh my gosh! These two bring back memories.

  • I love it!!!!!❤☺️

  • My favorite kids show

  • THEY NEED TO DATE AGAIN!!! They have such great chemistry 😊

  • I missed these guys so much🥺

  • I wonder if these guys can talk like normal people instead of shouting and screaming the whole time.

  • T

  • Omg, she hasn't aged at all