Ariana Grande’s Firsts and Lasts in Victorious + Sam & Cat! | NickRewind

Published on Aug 23, 2021
Ariana Grande has created quite a legacy for Cat Valentine over the course of Victorious and Sam & Cat! Whether it’s eating mountains of Bibble or bringing us straight up hits like “Give It Up” - there are countless Cat Valentine moments to remember. Here are some of our favorite firsts and lasts EVER!

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  • Is I am the only one thinks when she was in Victorius her friends doing child abuse I dont that something i mention

  • I can’t believe they ended Sam and Cat by Sam not bailing out Cat

  • Love how her last songs were both duets at Karaoke Dokie.

  • Freddie and cat never dated. It was just a way to make Sam jealous.

  • I wouldnt say that Freddie was dating Cat it was actually just a act to make Sam jealous And Robbie was her last relationship actually bcz in the end of the season in Sam & Cat when Freddie and Robbie went to the hospital Cat wanted Robbie to go out with her once he got out of the cast

  • 3:13 bruh if you pause and look at Cat's ipad look at number 5 lol.

  • So sad

  • So sorry for your hair

  • Pause at 3:14 lol

  • Actually Cats last line ever she said when she was getting hand cuffs on she said But it looked like a wig!

  • Give it up I love that 🎵🎶🎵

  • 7:49 I NEVER knew Cat could give someone the evil eye, I cracked up

  • Jade is my favourite character

  • Boys

  • I love cat she is literally the best I love her voice my fav cat won’t is LA boustrophedon

  • what’s that supposed to mean!?😂

  • IHate your song

  • No shame to the other cast members

  • And she is a great actress

  • Ariana grande is best singer out of all

  • I think the funniest scene with cat for me was singing the states where Sam can't be

  • I got to admit she has not aged a day

  • Wow

  • 5:18 this man carrys around candy for cat because he knows she likes it and it gets her calm enough to perform well


  • You can see how Cat became more and more dumb seasons after seasons

  • Just realized jade irl was born 10 mins away from where I was. She was in 9th grade when I was in 5th. I had an old friend from the hs next to hers. I find it Wild how people go into different paths so easily. Like she’s in Hollywood and I’m in a warehouse now and we grew up next to eachother basically

  • Cat and Tori 10/100 🥺

  • I thought Cat last song was the rap song they sang she sang with sam or buckets of cheese

  • Cats Voice in the first line was jsut AMAZING I hate that they change it!!!

  • ariana grande was more "normal" at the start of the show. someone tell me why she changed her voice, etc?

  • Notice how her voice changed from victorious and Sam and cat

  • "why would you hide from your brother?" ariana: just you know, to survive i got goosebumps

  • i wish cat stayed her season 1 self throughout the show

    • She wouldnt be as iconic if she did.

    • She was a lil bit of both in season 2

  • Who cares,I want to see Victoria.

  • I hate that they changed her voice for whatever reason

  • this is not for kids

  • Coming back to this after hearing the news she's married😩🔥💜

  • We all love cat and all her movies

  • Ariana in 2010' Looks 10 years old Ariana in 2021' Still looks 10 year old......


  • Actually Cat's last line was "I mean it really looks like a wig"

  • Msmxzk?zmslxmx!ssnwms!s!msm😺😸😼😽🙀

  • Mzjx!zmzm!a!sjk?u😽😸😺

  • I’d say jade was the most fear/mean character on victorious

  • What but is for kids?

  • 3:14 rule 5 is the best

  • Ariana was more herself in victorious

  • I thought her last song was take me down to the basement…

  • 1:52 hit different in the show I swear the must have made her whiter in the studio one

  • i never knew ariana grande played cat

  • Actually that is not the first bibble moment because they had bibble in mason’s office in that same episode before they went to get bibble

  • she respects the alphabet🙄💅

  • Jennette Mcurdy (SAM) also had amazing scenes!

  • Cat 1st song is just amazing!

  • I paused at 3:14, i read rule 5 and i was weezing 😂

  • can l be a person in the video

  • Cat in season one of victorious and her in the rest of the seasons is a different person, in season one she is more the just dumb one and the rest of the series she is this all pink oblivious girl and she even talks different and her hair is longer and more like a doll

  • Daineil is from power, not aloud to watch that though

  • When I watch Sam and cat and the intro starts and it says 'Ariana Grande' Its litrelly the only familiar person I know.

  • Who does cats brother look like

  • That wasn’t her first acting exercise, her first acting exercise was the one earlier that episode when Tori was the family dog

  • 3:37 BoTtLeD wAtEr

  • In the Phoenix, she said both the correct way and wrong way.🙃

  • LA boys vic and ari did an amazing job love them

  • Am i the only one who realized her change through season 1-4

  • and funny

  • I love how cat and jade are singing sometimes thats the only time jade is being nice

  • Omg bibble 😂😂😂😂🧚‍♀️

  • I'd like the weird drama between the girls to stop but would so love a mature reboot 😭❤

  • You guys totally missed the mark with letting arianas voice shine

  • This is why I wish I was casted in Victorious. I also wish Cat and Jade's personalities and looks never changed throughout the show. I also wish Hollywood Arts High school really existed. What else... Oh, I also wish the cast of Victorious's real life personalities was the same as their Victorious personalities. Ooh, and I also wish I was friends with the cast of Victorious. (Not useful information: You know I am a huge fan of Victorious by looking at my profile pic)

  • check number 5 on cats babysitting rules 3:14

  • The first season she was pretty but the hair nah

  • So all her first are victorious and most of her lasts are Sam and cat

  • When it was Jade Tori cat thing one yeah what is that film called?

  • It's a shame how "Sam and Cat" totally neglected Ariana's talent.

    • @ha cialo Victorious wasnt a “musical” show too. They just happen to be in a performing arts school. Cat is technically STILL a character who is a singer and who went to hollywood arts.

    • Implying Acting isn't one of Ariana's talents???

    • @ha cialo exactly

    • No it just wasnt A singing show

  • When i was a fan of cat before Ariana grande

  • I get that Tori is supposed to outshine the rest because she's the main character. But LA boys to me just sounds weird because of how they made Victoria sound louder and Ariana quieter. They both did amazing in the original version without the volume shifts, if they left it untouched I don't think it would've made Tori less than Cat in that song.

    • @lo l There is a non-quieted down version on the internet of this song. And yeah Ariana can flush people out with how powerful her vocals are but during this song it wasn't that bad.

    • I mean they had to. Do you know how loud it actually is when ariana reaches her high notes? Lol Tori wouldve been flushed out so easily.

    • I agree. Cat sounds much better but they need to have the same amount of volume in their miccrophones.

  • Jade's face when cat and Daniel kiss

  • Just want to point out her voice changed

  • I love the bibble scene in victorious

  • Yay i love candy is best line

  • I love cat her and jade are my favorites

  • And then this wonderful and amazing young woman would become the greatest superstar of all time.

  • Ooooooooo

  • WRONG. The last song that Cat sang was "Where are the states that Sam can't go?"

  • "Gimmi the white house" :D

  • Tottaly

  • 🔺

  • Im sorry that you are not sorry

  • Tori squid

  • Its number 4!!!!!!!!!

  • Moon cobtrols the sun

  • Moon is mote powerful than the sun

  • Make it rain

  • A real star

  • Bye bye 5

  • Theyre so cutr

  • ahhhh the “what’s that supposed to mean!?” phase of cat

    • Yup the whole time In victorious