97 Best Carly Moments from Every Episode of iCarly | NickRewind

Published on Aug 29, 2021
Carly Shay is truly one of the most iconic characters in iCarly - I mean, so much so that the show is even named after her! To give her the love she deserves, we’re going through all of Carly’s best moments from pilot to finale!

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  • Miss BFF

  • 🤣 b7h

  • I feel like Sam is more of the main main character than Carly, Carly is the protagonist but Sam feels more of a protagonist

  • she autographed my shirt

  • lol i met miranda once

  • Where’s the report button

  • Sass master Carly Shay 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rnxuii=n

  • 1:47 that was smooth

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 5:58 😍

  • Best moment ever

  • Best show ever

  • me toopooo

  • 0:07 0:48 1:41 1:43 2:55 2:58 3:33 4:11 6:10 7:34 8:08 8:54 9:56 10:24 11:05 11:24

  • I like Freddie

  • kein merry Anastacia qeen date

  • love it funny kein king anastaciaqeen were to you fuuny sam carly qeen anastacia we so get mrry wen kein king and qeen

  • you can see the Icarly reboot

  • Or T-Bo to plesse Or Freddie Mom

  • Or Best Sam Freddie To And Gibby To Plesse

  • Do Bes Spencer Moments Plesse Also Plesse NickRewind Thank You

  • Meeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he was sooo funny

  • Why'd he put red pepper in the lemonade?

  • That's one giant ring she had one there.

  • 9:16 Don’t try this at home.

  • Do the ones where they skydive in Japan

  • she is a epic person

  • i miss the days of watching icarly with a throb-on in my hand

  • still a great show, so is the revival too.

    • @jade x i do too, but it'll be kind of weird if the main cast all act like teenagers again.

    • revival is too adulty i love the previous one tbh

  • 0:06

  • Wait the fighter is tori from victorious

  • I love Miranda Cosgrove

  • 6:46 SOMEBODY CALL DE MEDIC! And the exorcist! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Who goes to night detention?? I know I seen da episode. I just wonder what is it n kinda creepy too

  • Yex

  • For iSpace I think the best moment should be when carly experienced claustrophobia and went berserk and fled the space pod

  • I Carly best show. love it

  • Best sitcom

  • HaneneAwadyes

  • More sass from the sass master

  • 5:12 미국인들이 저것에 관심이 없거나 무식하단건 애초에 알고 있었지만, 실제로 보니 진짜 당황스럽네. 내부에 스파이 있냐? 눈살 찌푸려진다. 난 아이칼리를 좋아하지만, 앞으로 후세대들이 볼 미국 시트콤엔 가급적 저 더러운 문양이 들어간 옷 등의 것들은 안 나와줬으면 좋겠다.

  • Hahahahaha gotta love Carly!!!!

  • 2:55 Sam screams when she saw Lewbert’s wart on Carly’s shoe

  • There were more episodes from 2007 to 2010 and then after that there were less each week following

  • 0:39 Carly and Grand Dad Shay: What?!

    • Carly: I mean, you really like it? (gives Spencer a scary look)

  • The scene from I might switch schools seems so dirty now

  • I love 💘 icarly

  • Include the new icarly too.

  • I like I pear store when Trey tried to kiss Carly

  • iCarly is the best show. So many iconic and memorable moments.

  • 4:12 And I don't kiss like 😛😛😛 I kiss like a princess 4:48 Never tell a girl to calm down 6:05 bwew, bwew, bwew, bwew, bweeew 6:18 This is iCarly, we don't do sophisticated 7:57 Sam loves Freddie 9:02 Well.... 11:37 Show's been a lot of fun Spit takes at 1:24 and 9:54 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Sizan Tanvir ikr? 🤣

    • Even the glasses were the same

  • That was really beautiful 😍♥️❤️💜😭

  • Why am i crying? 😭

  • Carly shay is not your average person every day.

  • iCarly is one of my favorite shows of all time

  • iCarly best Nickelodeon show ever! In my life! :)

  • I Love icarly💛

  • Wow so many carly moments but why do carly voice Evolution?

  • Who else miss Sam ?

  • Who else love Icarly?

  • I wish they had more episodes of this new episodes but 97 wow

  • 10:16 you missed a perfect opportunity for Spencer with HER FACE?!?!

  • I love everything about iCarly from the beginning to the end, to the revival

  • iCarly is still the best sitcom to this day.

    • Neds Declassified is definitely better than ICarly And So Is Zoey 101 And Big Time Rush

    • @jake highley drake and josh are better, but i don’t think ned’s declassified are better

    • How Sad

    • @jake highley not for me

    • @jake highley ken and kel?

  • I’m early ;-;

  • Not to ruin the moment, but doesn’t Icarly have about 109 episodes if we count the 2 or 3 part specials

  • Third

  • Who else misses Gibby

  • 4

  • We rue this (Ha joke :’])

  • Better episode scenes: iWant More Viewers- Pee on Carl iScream on Halloween- Spencer hiding from trick-or-treaters iRue the Day- Plain White T's iPromise Not to Tell- "Hobos can't afford cable" iFence- Mrs. Benoson's fencing skills iWin a Date- Gibby's shirtless dancing iOwe You- Sam earning enough money and quits her job iChristmas- Carly's life goes back to normal iRocked the Vote- Showing the video of Wade's true personality to everyone iMake Sam Girlier- Sam fighting

  • first